giovedì 24 novembre 2016

Il numero di "Philosophy Today" sugli 80 anni di Gianni Vattimo

Volume 60, Issue 3, Summer 2016

Special topic in honor of Gianni Vattimo's 80th birthday

Stefano G. Azzarà, Gianni Vattimo: From Weak Thought to Hermeneutics as a “Second Realism” and a Philosophy of Praxis

                    Since the 1980s, Vattimo’s “Weak Thought” has been an emendation of his previous revolutionary and dialectical reading of Nietzsche. Marxist terrorism in Europe exposed the indissoluble link between dialectics and violence, and consequently Vattimo’s revision was a rejection of any reconstructive effort for a new political and social order. But in the age of Silvio Berlusconi, Vattimo rediscovered the joy of political commitment. Ecce Comu was a call to pursue “a project of human emancipation” founded “on the search for equality.” More recently, Of Reality and Hermeneutic Communism are a rejection of neoliberal philosophies and constitute a jump back to the Seventies. Vattimo aims once again to change the world and reality, a reality that other philosophies (Ferraris’ New Realism) simply contemplate as a pure fact. Vattimo defends the “revolutionary” meaning of hermeneutics against realism’s conservative tendencies and develops a project close to Gramsci’s “philosophy of praxis.”

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